lindsayd_0064.jpgSo excited to be a part of this wedding day!  This year, with my hubby out of town, Lindsay & Richard were my valentines  :).  We hung out around Tempe Town Lake & had the best time on their engagement shoot.  They are easy-going and sweet to each other, and I am so excited to watch them get married in the fall. Here are some of my favorites from our time:

lindsayd_0005.jpg lindsayd_0003.jpg lindsayd_0007.jpg lindsayd_0013.jpg lindsayd_0020.jpg lindsayd_0022.jpg lindsayd_0028.jpg lindsayd_0031.jpg lindsayd_0039.jpg lindsayd_0041.jpg lindsayd_0056.jpg lindsayd_0048.jpg lindsayd_0058.jpg lindsayd_0055.jpg lindsayd_0061.jpg lindsayd_0063.jpg lindsayd_0065.jpg lindsayd_0068.jpg lindsayd_0073.jpg lindsayd_0078.jpg lindsayd_0080.jpg lindsayd_0089.jpg lindsayd_0090.jpg lindsayd_0095.jpg lindsayd_0093.jpg lindsayd_0099.jpg lindsayd_0096.jpg lindsayd_0101.jpg lindsayd_0098.jpg lindsayd_0102.jpg lindsayd_0106.jpg lindsayd_0109.jpg