Baby Emy was due to arrive in early April. In mid February, after a violently sick pregnancy, Emy's mom (my good friend) Nicole was told she had to have a C-section, and she had to have it right away. All of her family and a bunch of us friends came to the hospital to be with her and her husband Shawn, and when they finally wheeled Nicole away we were so afraid. Nicole was told not to expect to hear any of the normal crying or baby sounds when they brought the baby out because she probably wouldn't be breathing. Not too long after, Emy emerged: 2.5 pounds, crying, breathing on her own, and passing ALL of her reflex tests. The moment they wheeled her past the waiting room and our group of 15 literally ran at full speed down the hallway to get a look at her is one of the most joyful and wonderful moments I've ever experienced.

Almost 3.5 months and I think 4 pounds later, she is healthy and beautiful! I took these when she was about 2 months old:

Look at those big blue eyes!

I like to imagine what she might be thinking when making this face :)

Or this one...

Is it wrong that I love the screaming pictures?

We're loving watching you grow Emy girl :) You are a miracle!

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