lisab_0086.jpgThese two are hilarious!  Lisa can't stop smiling and laughing when she's with Tony, but then again, Tony gives her no shortage of things to smile and laugh at :).  Together, with their precious pup, Nemo, we had a really fun time playing around the Scottsdale Civic Center.  They will be wed in the fall...should be a FUN day!

lisab_0002.jpg lisab_0005.jpg lisab_0009.jpg lisab_0029.jpg lisab_0037.jpg lisab_0042.jpg lisab_0043.jpg lisab_0052.jpg lisab_0044.jpg lisab_0055.jpg lisab_0059.jpg lisab_0070.jpg lisab_0071.jpg lisab_0074.jpg lisab_0085.jpg lisab_0095.jpg lisab_0097.jpg lisab_0103.jpg lisab_0111.jpg lisab_0109.jpg lisab_0117.jpg lisab_0120.jpg lisab_0118.jpg lisab_0133.jpg lisab_0145.jpg lisab_0148.jpg