jalali_0113.jpgAmir & Nazanin have been married for a couple of years.  They got to visit their very sweet Auntie & Uncle in the States these past couple weeks, and item number one on their list...take some good old American wedding photos :).  This was SO much fun for me!  I absolutely LOVED getting to know these two and spending a little time with them.  I'm so happy they picked me to do this for them! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:



jalali_0053.jpg jalali_0054.jpg jalali_0067.jpg jalali_0065.jpg jalali_0062.jpg jalali_0066.jpg jalali_0076.jpg jalali_0077.jpg jalali_0071.jpg jalali_0080.jpg jalali_0094.jpg jalali_0093.jpg jalali_0096.jpg jalali_0099.jpg jalali_0107.jpg jalali_0114.jpg jalali_0119.jpg jalali_0121.jpg jalali_0138.jpg jalali_0135.jpg jalali_0140.jpg jalali_0144.jpg jalali_0145.jpg jalali_0152.jpgThanks so much you guys!!  Hope you're not missing Phoenix too much ;).