These two are FUNNY.  So so much laughter on their wedding day, I couldn't help but watch Thomas & Stephanie together and think they really did choose well :).  PLUS, they had the most adorable, colorful, unique backyard wedding I've gotten to photograph in a long time!  We had so much fun with these two and their family & friends, and have lots of favorites from the day to share! stipp_0017.jpg

stipp_0018.jpg stipp_0009.jpg stipp_0042.jpg stipp_0032.jpg stipp_0045.jpg stipp_0023.jpg stipp_0051.jpg stipp_0112.jpg stipp_0114.jpg stipp_0115.jpg stipp_0148.jpg stipp_0153.jpg stipp_0139.jpg stipp_0180.jpg stipp_0156.jpg stipp_0246.jpg stipp_0247.jpg stipp_0256.jpg stipp_0337.jpg stipp_0097.jpg stipp_0382.jpg stipp_0385.jpg stipp_0392.jpg stipp_0423.jpg stipp_0402.jpg stipp_0396.jpg stipp_0410.jpg stipp_0440.jpg stipp_0470.jpg stipp_0489.jpg stipp_0499.jpg stipp_0508.jpg stipp_0518.jpg stipp_0513.jpg stipp_0519.jpg stipp_0536.jpg stipp_0544.jpg stipp_0546.jpg stipp_0549.jpg stipp_0551.jpg stipp_0561.jpg stipp_0569.jpg stipp_0564.jpg stipp_0315.jpg stipp_0084.jpg stipp_0581.jpg stipp_0613.jpg stipp_0663.jpg stipp_0657.jpg stipp_0759.jpg stipp_0755.jpg stipp_0748.jpg stipp_0785.jpg stipp_0656.jpg stipp_0649.jpg stipp_0539.jpg

Some of the vendors that made the day great:

Caterer: Joe's Real BBQ | Cupcakes: Top It Cupcakes | DJ: AZ Music Man, Rankin Shaver | Floral Artist: Garden Gate Flowers, Andrea McKay | Linens: Classic Party Rentals | Bridal Gown: Wedding Belles Bridal Boutique, Wtoo by Watters | Bridesmaids Dresses: Nuova Vita | Suits: Express