We’ve all got that big, blank, BORING wall with which we have no idea what to do. And if you’re anything like me, every time I set out to fill it up I get overwhelmed by my options, nothing is good enough, and I throw in the towel for another week, month, year (yes, year!)…until I find an example image that captures JUST what I want and spurs me on. So in honor of The Print Shop opening this week I thought I’d put together a little inspiration for how you can use your photos to decorate your blank walls!

Kids room & nursery wall decor


Use some large framed art prints to fill the space above a dresser in your baby nursery or kids’ room! You can mix and match or pick prints that fit in your chosen color pallette to fill in blank spaces in the other decor items you’ve already picked up. Our desert and cactus photo prints are perfect for this!

Entryway & office wall decor


Make use of those shots from your favorite family vacation (these are some of my favs from MY summer vacation)! It’s so much more fun to see them on your walls than to scroll through them on a screen. If you do choose to build a wall gallery with purchased photo prints you can keep it personal by choosing prints of locations and settings that are special to you and your crew.

living room & bedroom wall decor


Get those engagement, family, and wedding photos off of your phone and onto your walls! They are the perfect way to keep your wall decor meaningful and personal.

You can do it! Go find some big, pretty frames and fill them up with your favorites photos - they’ll make you happy every time you walk by them :). And as always, if we can help let us know!