A few weeks ago, in the cool pines of Munds Park, I got to be a part of a super special day for some friends of mine.  Kali & Caleb were high school seniors during my first year as a senior high leader, and believe it or not, they have been together for 10 years.  Yep...since they were kiddos.  Man I'm starting to feel old :) Anyhow, it was BEAUTIFUL!

The sweet note Caleb wrote to Kali.  Yes...we all read it :)

I love jumping pictures!  Check out the groom meditating

Gotta show off my niece & nephew (they were in the wedding):

I LOVE the trees!

Here are the bride & groom's families performing a dance I choreographed for them especially for their reception.  Photographer by day, choreographer by night :)  It was a HIT!

SUCH a beautiful day.  Thanks for wanting me to be a part of it!

See the slideshow:

Kali & Caleb