maroun0687.jpg Wadeh & Andrea's wedding was pure joy!  Wadeh's entire family made the trip from Australia, and much of Andrea's from across the country, and even in the midst of the busyness of a wedding day, their loved ones were the highest priority!  I especially loved watching Wadeh with his mom, sisters, and buddies from Australia, all of whom had some tears to shed throughout the day :).  After a beautiful ceremony at St. Thomas More Church, everyone headed to the gorgeous Blackstone Country Club for more photos and a sweet reception together.  Just a beautiful day, and I'm thankful to have been a part of it!

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Venue, Catering & Cake: Blackstone Country Club | DJ: Matthew Bolt | Officiant: Father Jim Turner | Floral Artist: Arrowhead Flowers | Bridal Gown:  Galina, purchased at Davids Bridal | Bridesmaid Dresses: J Crew | Jewelry & Accessories: earrings by Eliot Danori, bracelet by 2028  | Tuxes: Godwin & Charlie