chelsiem_0018.jpg I, personally, am quite ready for Hux in a tux! :).  Oh my goodness, this boy is adorable, as are his loving parents who will be wed this coming Spring!  Had so much fun taking some engagement photos of this sweet little family in and around the Scottsdale Civic Center!

Here are some of my favs from the day:

chelsiem_0010.jpg chelsiem_0014.jpg chelsiem_0030.jpg chelsiem_0019.jpg chelsiem_0027.jpg

chelsiem_0039.jpg chelsiem_0048.jpg chelsiem_0040.jpg chelsiem_0068.jpg chelsiem_0063.jpg chelsiem_0059.jpg

chelsiem_0070.jpg chelsiem_0065.jpg chelsiem_0071.jpg chelsiem_0075.jpg chelsiem_0074.jpg chelsiem_0079.jpg chelsiem_0086.jpg chelsiem_0099.jpg chelsiem_0097.jpg chelsiem_0109.jpg chelsiem_0118.jpg chelsiem_0119.jpg chelsiem_0113.jpg chelsiem_0127.jpg