samanthar_0032.jpg I get to photograph Samantha & Kory's wedding next summer, so we took a trip out to the Windmill Winery for a really fun engagement session.  These two obviously really enjoy being together and are so easy-going & fun!  Here are some favorites from our time:

samanthar_0024.jpg samanthar_0014.jpg samanthar_0020.jpg samanthar_0043.jpg samanthar_0040.jpg samanthar_0041.jpg samanthar_0049.jpg samanthar_0050.jpg samanthar_0060.jpg samanthar_0058.jpg samanthar_0061.jpg samanthar_0064.jpg samanthar_0072.jpg samanthar_0074.jpg samanthar_0077.jpg

samanthar_0085.jpg samanthar_0081.jpg samanthar_0078.jpg samanthar_0082.jpg samanthar_0088.jpg samanthar_0087.jpg samanthar_0093.jpg samanthar_0096.jpg samanthar_0101.jpg samanthar_0122.jpg samanthar_0107.jpg samanthar_0115.jpg