merlyn0123.jpg Oh my goodness!!  I could not have enjoyed my engagement session with Merlyn & Blake at The Farm at South Mountain more!  These two are cuddly, kind, playful, & beautiful, and I love them :).  Here are some of my favorites:

merlyn0019.jpg merlyn0017.jpg merlyn0002.jpg merlyn0011.jpg merlyn0014.jpg merlyn0022.jpg merlyn0029.jpg merlyn0028.jpg merlyn0039.jpg merlyn0055.jpg merlyn0047.jpg merlyn0057.jpg merlyn0042.jpgmerlyn0081.jpgmerlyn0074.jpg

merlyn0063.jpg merlyn0084.jpg merlyn0076.jpg merlyn0097.jpg merlyn0093.jpg merlyn0099.jpg merlyn0100.jpg merlyn0102.jpg merlyn0117.jpg merlyn0133.jpg merlyn0123.jpg merlyn0138.jpg merlyn0143.jpg merlyn0146.jpg merlyn0147.jpg merlyn0152.jpg merlyn0154.jpg merlyn0163.jpg merlyn0174.jpg merlyn0172.jpg