stamand_0187_WEB.jpg Ben & Kiara's wedding day was about as unique as they come.  Set in Kiara's backyard -a big ole cattle farm in the Arizona desert - the event was PACKED with fun & unique details.  From the parachute canopy, to the Disney-esque reception entrance, all woven with plenty of cowboy charm and a very large and very talented was certainly a day I won't forget!

Take a look:

stamand_0005_WEB.jpg stamand_0004_WEB.jpg stamand_0045_WEB.jpg stamand_0049_WEB.jpg stamand_0056_WEB.jpg stamand_0071_WEB.jpg stamand_0087_WEB.jpg stamand_0116_WEB.jpg stamand_0092_WEB.jpg stamand_0121_WEB.jpg stamand_0126_WEB.jpg stamand_0139_WEB.jpg stamand_0173_WEB.jpg stamand_0177_WEB.jpg stamand_0176_WEB.jpg stamand_0182_WEB.jpg stamand_0198_WEB.jpgstamand_0184_WEB.jpg

stamand_0206_WEB.jpg stamand_0220_WEB.jpg stamand_0219_WEB.jpg stamand_0223_WEB.jpg stamand_0359_WEB.jpg stamand_0230_WEB.jpg stamand_0254_WEB.jpg stamand_0354_WEB.jpg stamand_0387_WEB.jpg stamand_0411_WEB.jpg stamand_0443_WEB.jpg stamand_0416_WEB.jpgstamand_0586_WEB.jpg

stamand_0435_WEB.jpg stamand_0453_WEB.jpg stamand_0488_WEB.jpg stamand_0492_WEB.jpg stamand_0513_WEB.jpg stamand_0511_WEB.jpg stamand_0510_WEB.jpg stamand_0526_WEB.jpg stamand_0532_WEB.jpg stamand_0537_WEB.jpg stamand_0551_WEB.jpg stamand_0563_WEB.jpg stamand_0757_WEB.jpg stamand_0599_WEB.jpg

The vendors that helped make the day beautiful:

Venue: Brides' Parents' Home | Caterer: Irresistable Dish, Lisa Needler | DJ: Paul Neely | Floral Artist: McDonald Floral | Decor: Decorations- R- Affordable | Bridal Gown: Oleg Cassini