jennyg_0068_.jpg Cannot wait for Max & Jenny's wedding day this spring!  They are too cute and we had lots of fun playing at DC Ranch's Market Street!  Excited to share some favorites from our session...

jennyg_0003_.jpg jennyg_0015_.jpg jennyg_0024_.jpg jennyg_0013_.jpg jennyg_0028_.jpg jennyg_0012_.jpg jennyg_0034_.jpg jennyg_0054_.jpg jennyg_0049_.jpg jennyg_0062_.jpg jennyg_0045_.jpg jennyg_0067_.jpg jennyg_0081_.jpg jennyg_0091_.jpg jennyg_0100_.jpg jennyg_0116_.jpg jennyg_0111_.jpg jennyg_0118_.jpgjennyg_0105_.jpg jennyg_0119_.jpg jennyg_0121_.jpg jennyg_0141_.jpg jennyg_0183_.jpg jennyg_0165_.jpg jennyg_0172_.jpg