hermes_0059_ft.jpg For many brides a forecast of 100% chance of rain on your wedding day brings convulsions, tears, panic when Heather told me "either way, we'll have fun!" I knew that we would indeed!  A few cute umbrellas & a very relaxed bride & groom made for a VERY fun & gorgeous drizzly wedding day at the Royal Palms.  It's good luck, right?!  Here are some favorites:

hermes_0001b_ft.jpg hermes_0008_ft.jpg hermes_0028_ft.jpg hermes_0030_ft.jpg hermes_0047_ft.jpg hermes_0043_ft.jpg hermes_0048_ft.jpg hermes_0052_ft.jpg hermes_0059_ft.jpg hermes_0063_ft.jpg hermes_0069_ft.jpg hermes_0078_ft.jpg hermes_0082_ft.jpg hermes_0088_ft.jpg hermes_0090_ft.jpghermes_0219_ft.jpg

hermes_0094_ft.jpg hermes_0095_ft.jpg hermes_0102_ft.jpg hermes_0110_ft.jpg hermes_0169_ft.jpg hermes_0179_ft.jpg hermes_0193_ft.jpg hermes_0212_ft.jpg

hermes_0259_ft.jpg hermes_0250_ft.jpg hermes_0254_ft.jpg hermes_0269_ft.jpg hermes_0320_ft.jpg hermes_0321_ft.jpg hermes_0325_ft.jpg hermes_0340_ft.jpg hermes_0342_ft.jpg hermes_0344_ft.jpg hermes_0347_ft.jpg hermes_0351_ft.jpg hermes_0354_ft.jpg hermes_0361_ft.jpg hermes_0355_ft.jpg hermes_0371_ft.jpg hermes_0377_ft.jpg hermes_0436_ft.jpg hermes_0434_ft.jpg hermes_0518_ft.jpg hermes_0521_ft.jpg hermes_0519_ft.jpg hermes_0552_ft.jpg hermes_0510_ft.jpg hermes_0632_ft.jpg hermes_0628_ft.jpg

The vendor team!:

Venue: Royal Palms Resort  | Coordinator: Amy Simon, Living Energy | Caterer: Royal Palms Resort | Videographer: Luke Hansen | Cake Designer: Royal Palms Resort | DJ: Tony Suski, Ingram Entertainment | Officiant: Ryan Gear, One Church | Floral Artist: Garden Gate Flowers | Linens: Royal Palms Resort | Bridal Gown: Jim Hjelm, Blush Collection, Destiny's Bride | Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan | Jewelry & Accessories: Nadra Earings | Tuxes: Groom, Hugo Boss | Hair: Alayna Card & Shayla Collier, Parlour Salon | Makeup: Kristien Succow