kayteem_0061_fb.jpg I have a vague recollection of picking up a scrawny junior high boy to take him church with me.  He was super friendly, kind, playful, & a good friend, and I am a lucky one who got to be around for a LOT of his life.  Over the years of having him in our high school group and in our home he grew into one of my husband's dear friends and one of our favorite people.

Then along came Kaytee, and we loved her too :).  They're going to get married next fall and I get the privilege of documenting the beginning of their life together.  LOVE these two and loved getting to take their engagement photos!  Here are some of my favorites:
kayteem_0026_fb.jpg kayteem_0023_fb.jpg kayteem_0029_fb.jpg kayteem_0019_fb.jpg kayteem_0033_fb.jpg kayteem_0050_fb.jpg kayteem_0037_fb.jpg kayteem_0051_fb.jpg kayteem_0052_fb.jpg kayteem_0053_fb.jpg kayteem_0064_fb.jpg kayteem_0062_fb.jpg kayteem_0093_fb.jpg kayteem_0089_fb.jpg kayteem_0090_fb.jpg kayteem_0077_fb.jpg kayteem_0082_fb.jpg kayteem_0096_fb.jpg kayteem_0113_fb.jpg kayteem_0115_fb.jpg kayteem_0106_fb.jpg kayteem_0114_fb.jpg kayteem_0121_fb.jpg kayteem_0131_fb.jpg kayteem_0137_fb.jpg kayteem_0134_fb.jpg