weiss_0187_e.jpgLindsey and Mark are delightful, as was their LOVELY wedding day.  The Different Point of View, with one of my FAVORITE backdrops in Phoenix, was the perfect setting for their relaxed, intimate, & fun celebration!  Gorgeous city & mountain views, a teary groom, breaking glass, & families being lifted on chairs = a pretty great party :). Excited to share some of my favorites from the day with you:


weiss_0001_e.jpg weiss_0015_e.jpg weiss_0043_e.jpg weiss_0035_e.jpg weiss_0077_e.jpg weiss_0070_e.jpg weiss_0086_e.jpg weiss_0104_e.jpg weiss_0099_e.jpg weiss_0119_e.jpg weiss_0122_e.jpg weiss_0125_e.jpg weiss_0141_e.jpg weiss_0149_e.jpg weiss_0152_e.jpg weiss_0176_e.jpg weiss_0189_e.jpg weiss_0181_e.jpg weiss_0187_e.jpg weiss_0179_e.jpg weiss_0186_e.jpg weiss_0188_e.jpg weiss_0193_e.jpg weiss_0232_e.jpg weiss_0224_e.jpg weiss_0242_e.jpg weiss_0376_e.jpg weiss_0280_e.jpg weiss_0373_e.jpg weiss_0381_e.jpg weiss_0379_e.jpg weiss_0477_e.jpg weiss_0417_e.jpg weiss_0494_e.jpg weiss_0509_e.jpg weiss_0500_e.jpg weiss_0508_e.jpg weiss_0523_e.jpg weiss_0522_e.jpg weiss_0533_e.jpg weiss_0436_e.jpg weiss_0559_e.jpg weiss_0554_e.jpg weiss_0550_e.jpg weiss_0563_e.jpg weiss_0576_e.jpg weiss_0661_e.jpg weiss_0670_e.jpg weiss_0680_e.jpg weiss_0635_e.jpg weiss_0645_e.jpg weiss_0643_e.jpg weiss_0686_e.jpg weiss_0695_e.jpg weiss_0693_e.jpg weiss_0701_e.jpg weiss_0736_e.jpg weiss_0740_e.jpg weiss_0747_e.jpg weiss_0753_e.jpg weiss_0800_e.jpg weiss_0801_e.jpg weiss_0810_e.jpg weiss_0704_e.jpg

The awesome vendor team:

Venue: Different Point of View | Coordinator: A Day to Cherish Weddings | Videographer: Serendipity Cinema | Live Music: Sapphire Sky | Officiant:  Rabbi Ilana Mills | Floral Artist: Avant Garde | Makeup: Gina Schroeder Creations | Hair: Getaway Salon