asia_0022_fb.jpg Here are some more friends whose wedding I get the honor of documenting!  Asia was one of my high school girls what seems like long ago and now she's getting married!!  How did I get to be so old?? :)  We got to start out at Mike's station before moving on to downtown Phoenix.  Lots of fun with these two!

asia_0007_fb.jpg asia_0006_fb.jpg asia_0008_fb.jpg asia_0051_fb.jpg asia_0038_fb.jpg asia_0023_fb.jpg asia_0022_fb.jpgasia_0044_fb.jpgasia_0070_fb.jpgasia_0073_fb.jpg

asia_0076_fb.jpg asia_0085_fb.jpg asia_0067_fb.jpg asia_0077_fb.jpg asia_0078_fb.jpg asia_0074_fb.jpg asia_0083_fb.jpg asia_0103_fb.jpg asia_0100_fb.jpg asia_0114_fb.jpg asia_0110_fb.jpg asia_0122_fb.jpg