jessicar_0022_fb.jpg Jessica & Chris are playful, sweet, and all-together wonderful!  Had the very best time exploring the Desert Botanical Gardens together looking for any private nook we could find, and just can't wait to be a part of their wedding day :).

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session: jessicar_0024_fb.jpg jessicar_0007_fb.jpg jessicar_0032_fb.jpg jessicar_0036_fb.jpg jessicar_0056_fb.jpg jessicar_0050_fb.jpg jessicar_0031_fb.jpg jessicar_0072_fb.jpg jessicar_0080_fb.jpg jessicar_0085_fb.jpg jessicar_0086_fb.jpg jessicar_0090_fb.jpg jessicar_0093_fb.jpg jessicar_0095_fb.jpg jessicar_0111_fb.jpg jessicar_0105_fb.jpg jessicar_0125_fb.jpg jessicar_0103_fb.jpg jessicar_0127_fb.jpg jessicar_0147_fb.jpg jessicar_0154_fb.jpg jessicar_0156_fb.jpg